Sunday, December 4, 2011

Everything is Already OK

We can never find or reach or achieve what we already are.  This is where we are off-track in spirituality and why there is so much frustration.  At some point we are in a serious inquiry - it isn't hard work - it's a joy to discover what you are.  If we are earnest we burn through all these concepts and ideas about what we are.

What-IS, existence, Life, Being - whatever you want to call it - that is WHAT IS - that is what exists - the source, the Absolute - Brahman - Sat - call it by whatever name you like.  There can only be what exists - that existence, that what-IS-ness - that's what's HERE right now - that's what's going on right now - that is all there IS, right now.  

If we are aware of it, then we are aware of it through some means of knowledge - for some reason we can see it, feel it, touch it, hear it, smell it, taste it - a means of knowing it is present - that means DICTATES WHAT we see - it dictates the experience - if the means was a microscope our experience would be different.  

There is still only what-IS - measured or known through some means - that means provides the RELATIVE view - you're still only knowing what-IS - only you're knowing it via some relative means.  

If you take that product or output of the means AS the Absolute Truth, then you are fooled.  This is the meaning of Mithya or Maya - you are seeing something and you take that as real OF ITSELF - instead of realizing it MUST BE just the product or effect of some source or cause.  It is by definition RELATIVE and not Absolute.

There is only what-IS - Reality - one IS-ness - that reality or IS-ness is now appearing AS the world, AS the rock, AS the tree, AS the body, AS the thoughts, AS the guru and AS the seeker.

If we grasp this, it annihilates all ideas of separation, all ideas of individuality, all ideas of persons and some world which exists outside of you, for there is no actual world which stands on it's own.  That doesn't negate the appearance of the world, that doesn't mean you should resign yourself from the appearance of the world and go live in a cave.  It just means that, like the mirage, you've seen through the false and realize the true.  Then the idea you had about yourself falls away naturally and without fanfare or bells and whistles.  

You simply realize that what is going on right now is just as it is, that it is perfect, complete.  You don't have to chase some spiritual achievements, you don't have to manipulate thoughts - everything is already OK.

That is Peace.


dhopper said...

Again, you make perfect sense Randall. But what causes or initiates this "grasping"? What causes the shift in perspective? "I" can't see it, and clearly no activity on the part of "I" can remove self-same "I"? Still stuck........

Randall Friend said...

Hello again my friend.

The frustration is understandable because it's still something which the individual has to grasp. As long as the search references the individual it's endless.

The question is - WHO is stuck? To WHOM do you refer? Who or what is that entity which is stuck, which is seeking and is yet to find the answer or "see it"?

It is this idea of what you are, this WHO, which is the problem. To say "I still don't see it" is the problem itself. WHO doesn't see it? There is not a view which is now incorrect and later a view which is. There is NOW an incorrect idea about what you are, and that idea is found to be false.

That means right now, you already ARE THAT, you already ARE what is being pointed out. It isn't a matter of YOU seeing something different. It is being dumbstruck in realization that this YOU you took yourself to be is and always was false.

In that realization, that means everything was already ok. It was the chasing after, the idea that you needed to find something, which was the problem and the obstacle.

If you have questions and want to work through it, you are welcome to email.


billtys said...

Hello Randall,

I love this post. I have read it many times because I enjoy it so much!

In regard to the comments above all I can say is... keep recognising that there is no "thing" that knows...that sense of "I" is as much part of the appearance as anything else.

Love to you Bill

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend - always good to hear from you.