Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Are Existence

This isn't about an individual person who is seeking and then later realizes something. The individual does not get or achieve anything, arrive at anything not there before, or become anything.

This isn't about your current state of mind becoming better or more peaceful or more enlightened.

This is about finding out or realizing that what you took the world to be, what you took yourself to be, is false. It is about realizing that the world is appearance - we have taken appearance to be absolute truth, or to be AS it appears. We are fooled by appearance, by assimilating beliefs, by taking the world at face value.

We realize that it isn't about becoming something more or better. The individual who we thought to exist, never existed. We realize our mistake in applying existence to appearance, to taking existence as that which comes and goes.

So the individual never reaches his goal. The individual falls away as false. Then there is no longer anything needed, and there never was.

It is realized that nothing was ever missing. There is one Reality - one Existence - one Life. That Life patterns in various ways, expresses as various "things" yet never ceases to be what it is, never divides itself. It is only mind which splits up based on appearance, and mind is also just another pattern.

Right now the Intelligence which knows it is present and aware is that Life. You are that. You don't have to reach it. If you take yourself to be an individual person, an individual existence, you miss it, because the individual IS the problem, the belief in being an individual existence is the belief which takes you away from the realization.

Nothing else is needed except to inquire into the idea of individual existence. Don't look for a benefit FOR the individual but dissect the idea itself. See if it's true. See if it's truly existence which comes and goes or if it's only appearance or form, forms OF existence, which come and go.

It might sneak up on you quietly or hit you like a ton of bricks... you realize that existence is one - forms are many. When forms come and go, nothing happens to existence.

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nayachiro said...

so simple, what a relief
the seeker is seen through
like a lifting fog
or a flash of light
it matters not.

returning to the source
that which was hidden in plain site
as ourselves

all must find their way home