Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reality is Simple

This is only about reality. In seeking some special state or experience we sometimes get the subtle impression this is about something supernatural or extra-mental or something like that. It's not. It's just about reality - what IS reality - what ARE YOU? Are you this person you have been told about, this entity you've come to believe in? Is reality a reality of parts, of an infinite number of separate existences which come and go? Is reality happening in a linear fashion - is reality spread out over infinite distances? Is there someone in the head looking out the eyes? Is there an outside world?

Is a person a reality or a fiction?

We don't want to address these questions. That makes spirituality too close to the bone. It makes us ask questions we are uncomfortable asking. We would much rather call ourselves "spiritual people" and go on with the chanting and hugs and feel good and continue being sucked into the fantasy. It's comfortable. Actually looking into reality is not comfortable. We are forced out of our easy chair. The world we once thought was solid and real is now fuzzy, uncertain. We can no longer hold onto any of our concepts. We can no longer grant reality to the world and then let it slip into unconsciousness while we flounder around trying to make sense of some bullshit idea about spirituality.

If we just want it to be about beads and chants, we might as well find another hobby. If we truly want to find out what reality is, what YOU ARE, then we must be willing to look in the dark closets, under the bed, in the closets. We must be willing to poke our most cherished beliefs and see how they squirm. We must be willing to take anything as a possibility.

Reality as we know it is not absolute. It is absolutely relative. Appearance is not the absolute. Taking appearance as the absolute is called Maya. Find out why reality is not separate. It's not difficult to come to this realization. The only difficulty is when we sit on proper meditation cushions, in expensive meditation apparel, chanting in some foreign language and vaguely hoping for some sort of special experience to come and wash away all our problems, leaving a perfect state of peace behind.

That is a farce.

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