Sunday, March 27, 2011


Whatever is going on right now, whatever has gone on, and whatever may go on, is perfect.

If you "aren't there yet", that's perfect.

If you just have an "intellectual understanding", that's perfect.

For it to not be perfect is to suffer.

To suffer is to have a condition - a condition on whatever is going on.

For it to be ok is to not suffer. To resist is to suffer. To argue with reality is to suffer.

So in the midst of the spiritual search, we must somehow be ok with our present level of "achievement" or understanding. We must know deep down that it will work itself out. As long as we are determined to inquire into the nature of reality, we cannot fail. As long as we are willing to question our dearest beliefs, we cannot fail. The false cannot stand up to that spotlight.

But if we go about it as a way to make life suck less, then we are missing the point. If we just want to see through the illusion because the world sucks so bad, then we are only making suffering worse. Because our life may suck and we want enlightenment to save us - when it doesn't then we add onto our suffering.

Whatever it is that brought the spiritual search, let that resolve it. Let that drive come and do what it may do. Don't judge, don't want it to be otherwise, don't argue with your current level of understanding.

If we are resisting, we are suffering. That's just a fact. To resist resistance is still resistance. To see the futility and insanity of resistance is the end of suffering.


Ricky said...

Hi Randall

You know, resistance is a seemingly powerful mechanism we bring on ourselves when 'not knowing' becomes unbareable. The strange thing is, 'not knowing' is more than saying "oh, I give up. I'm never gonna get this non-dual stuff." 'Not knowing' is what there is. If THIS was 'known', by tomorrow you'd be doubting. It's back to 'the knife can't cut itself' or 'the eye can't see itself'

No effort required. Nothing to understand. Perfect!

Thanks Randall

Richard Bates (England)

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend. Nicely put. There does seem to require an inquiry into the world, to investigate our beliefs and see if they hold up. We never thought to even question this. But if we add to our suffering because we can't quite get to the bottom of it, because enlightenment doesn't come and save us from our shitty life, then we have just substituted one form of suffering for another.

Ultimately we realize that the one who applies to this was always a fiction. Yet as long as we take ourselves to be this finite individual, we will always be seeking in one way or another. Until we aren't.

love to you

No One In Particular said...

Hi Randall,

Resistance just comes up sometimes...I guess the more that even resistance is accepted, the less likely it is to crop up in the unfolding story...or so it seems to "me".

Resistance is one of my favourite themes and I love your take on it.

Love, Suzanne

StepVheN said...

Jesus randall, you could be helping people at a much faster rate if you'd get more ruthless and honest ith them

Randall Friend said...

Hey Suzanne - how's the book doing?

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend. Good to hear from you again.

Ruthlessness for the sake of ruthlessness is ego. If ruthlessness is needed it will come.

Ultimately there is no one to help. This is truly nothing but a small part in the play of Life. What goes on in this blog is truly irrelevant and unnecessary.

Life doesn't need help. Life or intelligence was never actually bound.

However from the limited perspective in which we seem to exist and communicate, your comment is welcome and appreciated.

love to you

StepVheN said...

Come on man, don't just ignore the dream state. It may not be true but it still exists and being ruthless in it can help get people out quicker

Randall Friend said...


"It may not be true but it still exists..."

Not sure what you mean, my friend. It is existence itself which is the point of consideration. What comes and goes does not exist of itself. What comes and goes is not absolute.

The only thing which is absolute in any experience is YOU. You are that which never changes. There is nothing to get out of. Only you find your original concept of yourself as a limited being which needs to get out, was always false.

You are already the absolute nature of existence - that which IS. You are already that perfection. There is no one to save - only a mistaken identity.

When you walk outside, look up at the trees, the sky, the clouds, feel the warm breeze on your face, the soft grass under your feet - Life is aware of itself - that Intelligence is knowing itself - it's own expressions. Expressions are transient and therefore have no reality of their own. Life is the reality.

You are That.

love to you

Charlie Hayes said...