Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nonduality and Duality are Not-Two

You do not sit and look upon a world.

Your true nature is beyond all descriptions, beyond all duality. Any idea which may come is a limited idea. Any "thing" which may come is only provided through a limited view.

Any feeling, thought or experience is a product of a limited view.

What you are is beyond all limitations.

Taking yourself as part of that limited view, you take yourself to be limited, you take yourself to be finite.

Kmowing yourself as the Absolute Reality the limited view no longer binds. You are not to be found within it. What you are is that from which the world comes and goes.

Yet you never move, you never become anything. You are always as you are. Undivided, ungraspable.

It is this limited view that provides a view OF that Absolute Reality. Yet to take that view AS Absolute is called Maya, the veil. Knowing the world to be a manifestation OF that Absolute removes all conditions.

The absence of conditions is called Peace. It is called Love.

Therefore the world is left alone, no requirements are made of the world, no conditions are placed upon the world. The world stands as a perfect representation of that Absolute itself, which is what you are.

The first thread of that veil is "I AM". "I AM" requires a world as it's opposite. To know "I AM" without need of an opposite is to know yourself as the Absolute Reality.

Your true nature is simultaneously formless nonduality and the beautiful and ugly play we call duality.

To like one part and resist another is itself called ignorance of your true nature. To hold no preference or condition comes from knowing yourself as you are.

Then the world is like a leaf, falling from a tree on a beautiful fall day, with a hint of winter in the air. There is a gentle tap on your shoulder.

Wake up from the dream and then leave the dream to be as it is.


Roeland said...

Great, thank you

StepVheN said...

Why would you call it love? Who are you trying to fool?

Randall Friend said...


Hello my friend. Not sure what you are asking.

love to you

suresh said...

Beautifully written Randall. I'm very happy to have discovered your blog.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart