Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Are IT

If we are truly serious about getting to the bottom of this spirituality stuff, if we are really sick of the frustrating and miserable fact of deeply wanting to know the truth of what we are yet forever being stuck in an intellectual understanding, then an openness will come.  A willingness to actually and truly take a look at the deepest conviction we have, which is that you are inherently separate, inherently a separate BEING, a being which began at a particular date and a particular time.  A being which stands alone, a being which stands apart from other beings, from other existences.

Meanwhile we are just sitting there trying to mentally figure it out.  WHO is doing this?  WHO wants it?  WHO has an intellectual understanding?  The answer is always a reference to a separate independent existence.  THAT is the WHO.  So that reference is either true or false.  If it's true, then separate existence is FACT - separate existence is then true - so why seek this wholeness stuff?  Why beat your head against the wall?  Why continue to waste your time with all this and remain frustrated?

The only other possibility is that separate existence is FALSE.  The other possibility is that this idea that your existence is owned, that it began and will end, that it is an existence that stands apart, is FALSE.  So if that openness is there, existence or BEING will be inquired into.  That idea you have about yourself will be looked into, investigated.  A light will be shone upon that idea itself - the possibility that it is false will be allowed. 

Appearance will be traced back - what IS it?  What IS it?  IS appearance indication of separate existence?  DOES an appearance have an existence of it's own?  We may find that it doesn't.  We may find that appearance is the result, not the cause.  We may find that appearance is a form OF something, an expression OF something.

That "something" we can never arrive at - WHAT it is can never be found, because all we have are various means of measurement or knowledge - when that means changes, the appearance changes.  Yet we are only ever "measuring" or "knowing" one existence.  One reality.  What IS.  What APPEARS IS that reality, appearing in infinite ways, available via infinite means of knowledge.  Yet it is only one IS-ness.  One existence, one reality. 

You are THAT.  You ARE that one existence.  Your true nature is the essence itself, the intelligence which manifests or expresses as everything.  That body-mind is just one expression which you happen to identify with.  There is nothing wrong with this identification yet if there is that overwhelming and uninvited desire to get to the bottom of what you are, then the veil of appearance will be seen through naturally.

All that remains is one reality, one IS-ness.


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