Monday, November 22, 2010

What More Is Needed?

Are you not already free?  Assert those aspects of bondage as true or see through them. 

Is there an individual who is presently limited?  Is it you?  Or is that individual something which takes shape in idea and belief?  Does that individual exist as an entity apart from the world?

Take close note - is the Self something personal?  Is that which you know innately, intimately as your Self truly limited?  Have you not been present and unchanged throughout a lifetime of change? 

As the world appears are you not the knowledge itself, the pure knowing or awareness of that world?  Isn't that individual a part of the world, in both shape and idea?

Can you realize a Self which needs no realization?  A Self which is not hidden nor obscured...  a Self which is the very ground of all experience?

Can experience be conditioned?  That experience arises as the same substance or essence as the experiencing of it - the knowing and the known are never apart, never separate, never bounded by anything.  Absolute Reality is not waiting to be discovered for it is already going on, already the case.

Bickering over dualities one is bound by a perspective.  As the reality itself you are never bound.

Life is the power and presence itself - taking shape as the world yet ever knowing itself without condition.  The mind is the line drawn to describe Life - to communicate and make sense - yet that describing never divides - the borders drawn within the whole never divide the whole but express the infinite potential of the whole.

Without the first meditation, without the first realization you are already free, already whole, already complete.  Taking a world as your home you search for wholeness - yet that very idea is the bondage itself - to assert bondage then look for a way out is the problem.  The solution is not to break that bondage but to see it never WAS.

There is no mind to quiet, no body to rest, no soul to preserve.  The whole is already the case - enlightenment only applies to someone seeking it - that assertion of someone to whom enlightenment may come is the assertion which obscures it. 

When the individual seeker is false enlightenment also falls away as false.  All that remains is all there ever was anyway.

Your presence as the whole.


No One In Particular said...

It seems that once no longer bound by perspective, the perspective can be no one.

Anonymous said...

What more is needed? - Nothing

Love to you Brother, there I said it :)


Randall Friend said...

Hey Suzanne - yes, the perspective IS the enjoyment - the knowledge of your own existence.

Ironically that joy applied to a particular (believed in) reference point always has an opposite - because that joy is a conditional joy. The individual or reference point IS the condition itself.

Randall Friend said...

Hey Suki,

Love to you brother.

Nice blog, by the way.

"There is only One thing happening – Source! Not two..." -