Sunday, July 25, 2010

What IS

Is there some place you can go to find the answer?

Is there a certain time that will come and bring the answer?

The answer is always here, yet it is overlooked because THIS isn't good enough.  As long as there is a preference, no answer will be found.

The only answer is what IS.  Discover what IS and what appears.

Discover what it means - I am the only reality - all else only appears.

It's so obvious, you constantly ignore it.

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No One In Particular said...

Whilst on holiday and reading the first Dark Tower book by Stephen King, I had a revelation that your name was a pseudonym and that you took it from one of the characters from King's The Stand. Of course, when I picked up The Stand to peruse, I realised that the character's name was Randall Flagg, not Randall Friend.

There is no lesson here, other than "'my' memory sucks". Just as well the unfolding story is no longer taken too seriously by whomever!