Friday, June 4, 2010

Peace is another word for YOU

Peace isn't something which is found - something which comes after some pursuit or experience.  Peace isn't getting everything right - it's not when everything is going good.

Peace isn't the absence of conflict.  It is the acceptance of conflict.  It is the very absence of any conditions placed on the world or any experience - feeling - thought. 

Nothing needs to change.  There is no "doing it wrong" - no mistakes.  No manipulation of thought or experience is required.

Simply give up all false ideas about yourself.  Rest in what is certain and obvious.

Present knowing.  The light which illuminates the experiences we call body, mind and world.  That light is presently shining yet overlooked because it's taken as "I am looking".

Can you get out of this knowing?  Has anything ever happened outside of it?  Isn't it primary while all appearance depends on it? 

You are already home, only you don't know it.  Know it and be done.  Peace isn't a state to be reached and held onto - Peace is another word for YOU.


su said...

peace isn't the absence of conflict - it is the acceptance of conflict.


always used to pray for peace as a permanent state - and yet it is ever present amidst the chaos of conflict
in the absence of resistance to it.

and yet randall i have to ask - this whole israeli attack on the peace flotilla - sure accept it if you can - and yet at times it is in the so called masses rejecting their leaders and their stinking values that new societies are born.

so how do you accept and reject simultaneously. does that make sense?

nestemail said...

Hi there,
I've been involved in so called spirituality for a long time, i think that understand all these concepts but nothing changes, that's only knowleadge.

If U could give me some hints it would be appreciated. When i sit in my chair and tring to investigate this 'ME' idea i can only be aware of sensations in body, feelings, thoughts and on the other side the witness that sees these all but it's nothing special, there is a split between 'ME' who is seeing and all these appearances.

I think that self inquiry is very promising "technic" but when i'm trying to find out who is looking on what i feel like there are some blockades there that separate me from recognition. I've once very deep insight thanks to self-inquiry but now it feels hopeless. I probably strain to much and these barriers seems to be so real.

Randall Friend said...


Who accepts or rejects? The various opinions about right and wrong are always relative - it may be wrong from your viewpoint and right from many others. Who is to say?

The leaning mind trying to find right or wrong in situations is entirely irrelevant and missing the point. Who cares?

This passing appearance, whether it's some foreign nation taking actions you find repulsive, oil spills, genocide, war, whatever it is - it is all appearance - appearance is not absolute reality. Taking anything to be real of itself is the cause of all suffering and so-called bondage.

You are the space of unconditional acceptance - the passing experiences and situations and even the feelings about them are all relative waves on the ocean of Self. You are that Self, not the one who cares about flotillas.


Randall Friend said...


Who is it that is involved in spirituality? Who understands? Who will receive hints? Who is aware of sensations? Who strains?

These are all relative reference points to an entity which is entirely imagined. Taking yourself to be this individual person is itself the limitation, division, and suffering.

Instead of asking about this false reference, this imaginary individual and what it has done and should do, first investigate this idea of a person. If it isn't real then all questions about it are irrelevant.

Self-inquiry is simply questioning this impulse to identify your true Self with the particular. You are the vast space of knowing, the ever-present background against which the relative and particular come and go. This has always been so however it is overlooked because there is the incessant and obsessive attraction to this idea of a person.

There is no such thing. Question it seriously and it falls away naturally.


No One In Particular said...

Randall you are BRILLIANT at this pointing stuff.

su said...

thank you.

QL said...

I see the world like a movie. The oil was spilled in the ocean...emotion, anger, challenge. Israel has killed 9 people in a conflict in Gaza ...unjustice, betray. Clouds passing by in the moment.
'I' feel all the emotions, bad or good. Sometimes I cry sometimes I laugh. Who cares? It's just a character between many others that is gonna disappear when the movie ends.

billtys said...

Yep...Randall is brilliant at pointing...I love the posts...thank you.

Love Bill
Melbourne Australia

billtys said...

"Rest in what is certain and obvious"...that is so true...

And what is certain and obvious? The aspect, the condition, the field, the whatever it is, that lights up... "the experiences we call body, mind and world"...It has always been there, and is there right now and right here.

When I was 5 years old making mud pies, It was there.... this morning when I was eating scrambled eggs, It was's there now...and that's YOU...the body, mind and world appears in YOU!

And nothing could appear without It!

Great post and thank you.

Randall Friend said...


Yes - and you are that which knows the movie - yet that movie as experience and the experiencing are one and the same reality. It's only mind which imagines they are apart because they have different labels.

If we don't call them anything - there is truly no division - this is the true recognition of love.


Randall Friend said...


Good to hear from you again, my friend.