Sunday, March 28, 2010

This "thing" called "ME"

Holding on to some future attainment is not only futile, it is an obstacle. It assumes there is someone to receive some special state and that this present moment is not good enough.

Life is not bound by it's manifestations. A tree, a rock, a body-mind - these various manifestations of Life hold no individual existence. Existence is not divided by it's expressions.

You are that one Life, that undivided whole or totality. You are presently caught by appearance, spellbound by sensations, captured by the concepts about reality or existence, which say each "thing" exists alone, on it's own, as it's own totality.

That which is presently looking through the eyes is Life itself, that intelligence which cannot be described by any attribute or form, that which is the source of everything.

No word, no form, no idea can bind that Life, yet that Life expresses as the word, the form and the idea. The body-mind which is seeking that wholeness is in fact that Life itself, simply exploring the nature of itself, coming to find it was never bound by any limited appearance.

Notice the transience of all forms, notice that any truth can only be from a perspective and as such is by definition limited. You are not limited in any way.

That Life doesn't need to be unbound, freed or liberated. Anywhere you look, there you are - Life itself, expressing in infinite ways, only taking itself as a small "thing" called "ME".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

ME is Imagination

In the so-called equation of subject and object, you are definitely the subject. Yet upon investigation, the subject is not a thing at all. Any "thing" is objective - therefore that subject is actually pure and formless, without attributes, without dimension in space or time.

That subject which you ARE has no individuality - the individuality comes as a feeling or sense, an accumulation of thoughts, memories, images and ideas. These are all objective content - that subject-ivity or "I"-ness isn't any of those things at all. This can be verified very easily in direct experience.

That "subject" is actually empty of any content - it is like a void or space - it cannot be seen or located - yet it is undeniably there.

Therefore the idea "ME" is a mixing of that pure subjectivity with objective content. It is not the "ME" or individual which is SEEING. That "ME" is objective content IN the seeing.

The only qualities of that subject or "I"-ness is that it is present - it is HERE - undeniably - and it is knowing or noticing or AWARE. Another word for the "subject" is KNOWING.

Filter out the objective content which is being mixed up with the pure subject-"I". Notice that the thought-"I" is a story of individuality - what that simple word "I" actually references is something which is not at all difficult to realize. In fact it is so intimately known it is overlooked.

The subject-"I" and the totality are in fact not two separate things. It is only when that "I"-ness is taken to be limited that the Universe of separate things is imagined.

Nothing is required to be what you are. Only notice what you are, and what is imagined that you are. The only bondage is this imagined idea that you are limited. That idea is called "ME".

You are the one essence, taking itself to be bound due to misidentification with appearance. Recognize the primacy of this "subjective" presence - there is nothing outside of it. It IS all there is.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The first thought is already false

The mind cannot come to terms with it.

Like a veil, the concepts you have about the world and your self create a false reality, a reality of "things". As a "thing", you will always be limited by all that you are not.

Lay aside all concepts and paradigms - rest only as your Self. The various concepts about what you are will continue to splash against the screen, like a stormy ocean. Don't worry.

That pure Self is empty of all content. You simply ARE - nothing more can be said. The first attempt to grasp it, to place a category, to label it, to quantify it, is the very content of that veil.

Be content with silence - stillness. That stillness remains as the background, the silent activity of knowing which can never be negated.

You ARE - even that is a concept.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lose yourself, gain nothing

I am not a thought - thoughts seem to come and go while I remain still.

I am not a body - sensations seem to come and go while I remain still.

I am not an image - images seem to be constructed, modified and deconstructed while I remain still.

Anything that I know cannot be what I am - as I am obviously always here, still, and aware.

That always-here-ness isn't another experience - it hasn't changed though a lifetime of experiences has come and gone.

I have never come and went.

Right now, I remain as the condition necessary for all experience. Right now, I remain as the light which illuminates experience.

But that light cannot objectify itself. It only knows itself by reflection - therefore all experiences are confirmation of my Self.

So there is no need to change any experience, no need to manipulate thought or feelings or situations. I cannot anyway. I can only realize that I was never any of those "things" at all but the condition necessary for their appearance.

Yet even to take any experience as some "thing" is to take it to be apart from my Self. What is the shadow made of? What is the reflection made of? A thought, a feeling, an image, a situation - all experience. What is experience itself made of?

Is experience and experiencing two separate things? Two independent "happenings"?

So to speak of a "body" - I cannot be that separate "thing". To speak of a "thought" - I cannot be that separate "thing". I remain simply as the knowing of those "things".

Yet notice that in calling them "things", in taking them to be independent things, the template of separation must be used. If that is so, then I must be the formless and still knowing.

Yet if this idea of thing-ness or separation is questioned, if it is recognized that the very idea or calling these "things" at all, of calling them "experiences" posits the very idea of separation, then there is the opportunity to notice that experience and experiencing was not ever, in fact, apart.

Then I "lose myself" as a separate, independent "thing", an isolated and limited being. That individual self isn't forcibly rejected, isn't intellectually analyzed away. It is recognized as a belief or assumption - and that belief falls away NATURALLY, because it just has no real basis. It was only ever a projected reality.

Yet I also gain nothing. I only remain as I already am, as I always was. The totality itself.