Monday, January 25, 2010

Just notice

You are undoubtedly here, present. The only commonality of a lifetime of experience has been this always-here-ness, this presence. Everything else has changed, the body, the thoughts, the feelings, emotions, sensations....

What-you-are is just simply HERE. There isn't anything else to say about it. It cannot be described, because it's not objective like the rest of it, like all experiences. It isn't an experience. It's just your presence. It's just the present activity of knowing. It's going on right now. It's here. It's unmistakably and obviously here. It's how the world is known. It's how the body is known. It's how thoughts are known.

It's how anger, frustration, sadness, and every other feeling or emotion is known.

It's not objective. It's not an experience. It's the experiencING. The knowing. Can you deny that? Are you ever without it? Does it leave? Does it change? Does it come and go?

No. It does not. It's not difficult. It doesn't require searching. It's that IN WHICH the search takes place, the idea of seeker takes place.

It's not personal - the personal is the quality of the body, of thoughts. You are THAT which knows the personal.

It's not individual - the individual is appearance - objective - quantifiable, measurable, changing.

It's just this present knowing - this subjective "I"-ness. It's always here.

You are looking FOR your true Self, when all the while you are already looking FROM your true Self.... Just notice.


No One In Particular said...

Lovely Randall, very clear and uncluttered with extra added concepts...your pointers are as clear as it gets.

But still...people just won't believe it's that simple!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the mind cannot accept this. It's not enough. The mind will read this briefly and then will roam onto something else looking for some kind of hit, some kind of promise of fireworks or grand revelations. It just can't accept this.

Mahamati said...

Can't get any clearer than this, butI know I am going to say this again!

Kent said...

Yes, it can't be any clearer or simpler than this.

Anonymous said...

Some what puzzling, but interesting. I'll be back for the updates.

Ebbing said...

As there is no I, no individual, no me or you or us or them or people.
Then what is this you that gets referred to?
As there is no little green man at the bottom of the garden any referencing to the little green man would be belief that he is there to be referenced?
What is this YOU that keeps popping up?
What is this YOU that is said to be looking for a true self?
What is this true self?

Randall Friend said...

Who are you asking?

Anonymous said...

Randall, My Friend,
Great to see you still here in cyberspace and to read, once again these profoundly simple yet Powerful pointers. UGC has a New Face and some great new programs, and I see that you have been helping do their wordpress work.
Gratitude for the *repetitious* Sword and the seeming personage whom wields it.