Monday, January 26, 2009


Stillness, silence, changelessness, nothing-ness... no object arising, no subjective experiencing... vast emptiness, yet there is no distance or duration by which to measure the vastness.

This emptiness is not even a presence as presence is only in relation to some "thing" or some "one". Nothing exists outside of the emptiness to speak of it.

A spark, a twitch, a slight movement of emptiness - a wrinkle in the blanket of stillness... no one to notice, no one to care. Yet with the coming of movement comes objectiveness, some "thing" to notice, some "movement" to be aware of.

This is called I AM - nothingness aware of itself as the slightest movement of itself. Once the silence is aware of itself, we call that "consciousness".

I AM - a pattern of movement - the first identification - consciousness aware of itself, silence containing the sound of itself, changelessness witnessing it's own potential for manifesting the appearance of change. Yet none of this is ever outside of, never other than consciousness.

I AM aware - consciousness identifies with the function of itself - the "awareness" is simply stillness watching itself, the pure potentiality for the appearance of movement - consciousness beginning to create the dream within itself.

If there is an object, then what I am must be the subject - this is a way of thinking, an expression of duality within the nondual reality of pure consciousness. Pure subjectivity contains no object, contains nothing outside of itself to be aware of - all objects are expressions or appearances of that one stillness, that "consciousness" - aware of itself, it's own function of pure potential, it's own void of infinite fullness.

Aware presence is consciousness aware of itself. The seeking comes because consciousness has "forgotten" itself AS THAT, AS both the subject perceiver and the object perceived, AS the stillness and the sound, as the change and the changeless background within which it manifests.

Right now, no one is reading, no computer appears, no thoughts come and go. The appearance of these "things" is a movement of consciousness, manifesting as "this and that", as a ME seeking, as a ME separate and apart from the totality.

This ME is nothing but consciousness identified with it's own function, the expression of stillness, joyful at it's own sound and movement, pure changelessness at peace with it's own change.

To say "I AM seeking enlightenment" is to be totally lost in the dream - wishing for something other than this already-present and joyful expression of consciousness AS itself, AS the play of sound and fury upon the face of stillness. And that wishing is ALSO part of the expression, part of consciousness seeking itself yet never caring if it's found.

Enlightenment can never happen to the "individual" because the individual is itself the illusion, the manifest expression of stillness which does not exist apart from the one substance of consciousness. Enlightenment is consciousness realizing the game, once again aware of itself as consciousness only, nothing special, quite mundane, never found in special places or due to spiritual methods but ever apparent in every "thing" arising.

Each blade of grass is the divine, each speck of dust is miraculous, each "moment of boredom" a resting in the grace of God - these are overlooked because the seeker is looking for something special, something "other", something to prove their progress on the spiritual path.

There is nowhere you can look and not see. This "seeing" contains the "seer" and the "seen" - the subject and object - this "seeing" is consciousness, seeing itself.

What remains to be done? What special "state" needs to arrive? The expectation of something "other" or "special" is the very thing which seems to obscure the direct realization that YOU ARE THAT - nothing special is needed, nothing spiritual needs to arrive - THIS, whatever THIS IS, is IT.

Just look.


susana said...

You say it so beautifully.
No deviation, no hesitation.
You tell like it is.
"each moment of boredom a resting in the grace of God".
How clear is that.
Thanking you again and again.

Anonymous said...