Thursday, December 11, 2008

You Are Not Describable

The world "out there" and a "ME in here" is all based on an assumption - an assumption of space and time, distance and separation.

Where are those "things" appearing? Aren't they appearing right HERE? On THIS? On this "screen of awareness"? Aren't distance and duration just assumptions?

Look at the body - the sensations of feet and arms and breathing and thoughts and the tongue moving and the toes wiggling - where are these "things" appearing? Aren't they also appearing right HERE? On THIS, this immediate "screen of awareness"?

Are these "things" separate or apart from each other? Aren't they all appearances on THIS, right HERE?

We listen to the nonduality or Advaita stuff and we take awareness to be something spatially located, something functional, something "I'm doing". That's another assumption.

Everything we know appears ON this "thing" we call "awareness". Yet we can't seem to ever define or know our "self" unless that very definition comes as a thought, an appearance, a sensation, something appearing in or on "awareness". The thing that indicates to you what you are is just more appearance. Every single thing you know about yourself appears in this way.

This is fundamentally neti-neti, not-this, not-that - seeing that every single thing I know about myself appears and is not, as a "separate thing", what I am. "What-I-AM" can never be "known" as something appearing. "What-I-AM" is THAT ON WHICH the appearances appear.

The thought which tells us what we are is just more appearance on THIS. You are prior to, already. You have simply mistakenly identified with an appearance.

This radically blows out the search itself - for the "one who is seeking" is made up of appearance. The "thoughts about seeking" are made up of appearance or "awareness". Any eventual outcome in the form of a spiritual experience or feeling or state of mind would be just more appearance.

"What-I-AM" would always and ever remain, as it already is, untouched, unshaken, unmoved, unconditioned, unchanged. The changeless "background" or "screen" on or in or against which or AS what is appearing.

Any "thing" that appears and can be described is not what you are. You are not definable or describable.


Anonymous said...


amazing. Even YOU are merely an appearance? An appearance of sentience and nothing more?

The only sentience that is Real is what is Here. I am really all alone aren't i? There are no 'others'?

thank you

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are Real. Because the only indication of your being-ness is based on sensory evidence. Here I am, telling an appearance that he doesn't exist, and expecting a validation from the non-existent appearance of his own non-existence! crazy!

Your words are dynamite, Randall. thank you. I cannot read more than a few lines at a time because the moment I read a sentence, the incredible-ness of what is said is immediately seen.

Randall Friend said...

Love to you.