Sunday, November 9, 2008

God is all that exists

As you move around in this world, thinking and acting - who is doing it?

The essence of what is appearing is formed emptiness - the substance of the form is appearing from the movement of intelligence. God is present as this moment, this presence - everything that is appearing to appear.

There is something seeing all this - seemingly looking out the eyes - God is looking at "himself".

There are thoughts coming up - what do I need to do? How can I find the answers, the Truth? Why am I suffering? These thoughts are also form - objects - appearances - nothing but God, speaking to "himself".

So there is an idea that you are a person, separate from the "world" and searching for the Truth, searching for Enlightenment, the end of suffering and separation.

Suffering and separation never happened - they are assumptions in thought, like the wave thinking it's separate from the ocean.

Right now, God is looking at God - nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing happening, no one suffering, separate, or in need of Enlightenment.

God IS this very moment, just THIS... whatever THIS happens to be. God appears to change in form and God is the changeless background against which this change is known.

Who is knowing it? God is all that exists. There is no "walking with God", no "finding God", no "praying to God", no "getting closer to God".

You ARE God - only thoughts say you're a little "me". And that belief is God too.

God is not some great Father in the sky. God is the sky and that body and those thoughts and awareness and consciousness and that chair and that kitten.

Because we can only call these "things" as such with words, with concepts, mental formulations. The idea of separation is inherent in language. Yet the thoughts which lead to speech, the sounds of voice, the body which is speaking, the hearer, speaker and hearing - all of it is nothing but this aware intelligence which is the essence of this very moment.

And in this moment appears the ideas of space and time, illusions of perception, conceptual creations and ways of thinking.

Look right this very moment - nothing is needed to happen, nothing is needed to be understood, nothing is needed to learn - just look. Whatever it is that you're seeing is God. The thoughts which describe and inherently "break up" the appearance is God. The "one who is looking" is a mental formulation, a concept - that thought is also God. The activity of seeing or knowing is more concept.

Look past any concept that arises - the object, the seer and the seeing are all contained in this very presence, just THIS.

Just this. Just God.


susana said...

Love, gratitude and a pecan nut pie coming up.

namastes said...

Thank you for these words and all of the others that you have so freely given.

Anonymous said...

*in love* maxime

Sergio said...


For spanish language people, a blog is on.

Thanks to Randall for his help "in the past" . Not so long.

I don´t finded any really interesting direct pointing website or blog in spanish, so i making one... or the blog is just happening ! :D


Anonymous said...

There is no one here
To be grateful —
Just Gratitude Itself
Pulsing like a heartbeat,
Dancing to its own song,
Loving Itself as the Beauty of a flower,
Reminding Itself with the prick of the thorn.

There are no more words here;
They have all returned

hugs Randall and Sergio

Sergio said...

hugs maxime


J. said...

Without a doubt, the best post I have ever read. Nothing else ever needs to be said. Its all God.