Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You are Awareness

Your True Nature isn't something you will find, something you will gain, something that will be the product of a successful search.

Spirituality is playing with concepts - your True Nature isn't a concept.

If you have a real desire to end suffering and find out what you truly are, an openness to laying aside these concepts will emerge.

Your True Nature is the most intimately familiar aspect of existence. It is closer than your face, closer than your next breath.

In identifying with the flow of sensations we've labeled "body-mind", we have overlooked the most simple and obvious FACT - you ARE! You Exist. You are presently aware.

How do you know you ARE? What is so obviously present that you cannot, for one moment, deny that you ARE?

Experiencing is happening. There are relative appearances we've labeled "experience" and a dubious concept about some "experiencER", however these come and go, these are always relative, always dependent on something for their existence.

What does experiencing itself depend on?

Can you experience the experiencing? Can you see the SEEing? Can you know the KNOWing?

The nature of Awareness is silence, stillness, rock-solid, unshakable, formless yet the infinite potentiality for all forms to make their appearance.

Can you get behind awareness to see what it is? Isn't it the most primary aspect of your existence? Isn't it that which has always been there, like a mirror, reflecting all the passing experiences, reflecting the vague concept of ME-the-Experiencer?

You are Awareness. Full Stop. Nowhere to go, nothing to get, nothing to SEE, nothing to find or figure out, no special state needed.

You ARE.


Anonymous said...

Thank you my Friend~

Anonymous said...

maxime embraces you