Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chasing a Dream

Can you be simple enough to notice that every single thing you know is a sensation?

No matter what it is, it's only a sensation. An experience.

The body is a sensation. An experience.

The thoughts are a sensation. An experience.

Any idea you have about yourself, about what you think you are, is a sensation, an experience.

Don't overlook or pass-over this. What you are is the most obvious thing - so don't pass by this as too obvious.

Can you notice this? Can you be this honest?

Everything you know, EVERYTHING, comes to you as an experience.

The idea about what you are - whatever that idea might be - can only be another sensation, another experience. It literally doesn't matter what that idea is. It's a thought, a belief, a vague concept, a doubt, it's some "thing".

And you wouldn't know it unless it appeared - as something. And we can't know anything unless it appears somehow. It has to appear. So it has to be sensed somehow, experienced somehow.

There is not one "thing" that doesn't come to us this way. Even some conceptual idea - about God or Oneness or Enlightenment or the Universe - these ideas are thoughts - and those thoughts are sensed, experienced.

What is it that is experiencing these? What is it that is the knower of these sensations?

Can you find the knower in the experience itself? If you can, isn't that also another experience? So there is STILL something prior to.

So that knower, that experience-er, that ultimate witness to every single thing arising - that which you ultimately ARE - is beyond.

THAT is formless, empty, still, silent, nothing perceivable or conceivable.

That's it. There is literally nothing else to know. There is literally nowhere to go. Things and places and concepts all happen as sensations, perceptions, experiences. Once we start conceptualizing about it, that's more experience.

You are beyond - prior to. You are the vast open space which is knowing every single "thing" as it comes and goes.

Simply watch. Let that realization sink in. Nothing needs to be done. Nothing needs to happen - self-knowledge is seeing through the false, seeing that we have created our world and idea of ourselves in concepts. We literally create a DREAM in this conceptualization of passing sensations.

Once we see that every "thing" we know is arising in pure KNOWING, pure EXPERIENCING, then we rest AS THAT. That's it.

Otherwise we're off chasing a dream.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Randall for the SL sharing and for being so exquisitely clear in the pointing. Experiential Un-Education at its finest~
Warmly {{{*}}},

susana said...

The quintessential chaser of dreams continues to chase the experience.
It just is at is.
Thanks for the pointers - as i tilt my way to the dream windmills endlessly.