Friday, August 1, 2008

Seeing through the Mind

The search is really a search for reality, the reality of what we ARE, the truth of existence, the true ESSENCE of life.

But what can reality be? Can it be something we reach tomorrow or next year? Can it be something we imagine or believe?

No - reality, if it's TRULY reality, cannot be anywhere outside of NOW, THIS... right HERE, right NOW, whatever THIS is... THIS can only be reality, whatever is happening, whatever is going on.

Yet what IS THIS? What is THIS, right here and now? So we're really asking, what IS reality?

And how can we KNOW what THIS is? We can only ever ever EVER know it with the mind. Mind's translation of THIS. See if you can know what's happening NOW without using mind...

And mind/thoughts give THIS color, characteristics, shape, meaning, purpose, definition... mind defines separate "things", mind divides up the TOTALITY of THIS into "this and that".

And "that" is blue and "this" is red.... "he" is nice and "she" is mean... "this" is a sandwich and it tastes good... there is a pain in my back that hurts...

We have NO WAY of knowing WHAT anything IS, without mind's commentary, without mind's definitions. And every single one of these definitions was given to us, learned, accumulated.

This means that these definitions are always RELATIVE - only ever subjective - nothing has any ABSOLUTE reality on it's own - it's only appearing to and through the mind's translations.

So what can we ever EVER really know, absolutely?

The only thing we know ABSOLUTELY is that we ARE, we KNOW, appearances arise and there is a knowing of them. That's IT! Boil it all down with brutal honesty, and the only thing we're EVER sure of is THAT which doesn't require a word, a definition, a translation, color, characteristics, any of these mind-specific attributes.

And this presence of knowing is already effortless, already THAT IN WHICH these relative appearances arise, THAT IN WHICH the mind works to create this magical, wonderous dream-like "world" we see.

And the "ME" is PART OF that world - that ME is another "thing" which requires definitions, requires translation.

What you really ARE, what REALITY IS - is only ever THIS, whatever THIS IS - and that KNOWING and the APPEARANCE are not-two.

Simply see this for yourself.


Mark said...

All who are indeed awake,
feel final straw, foundations shake.

The call is made, the last divider,
twixt truth on sleeve or shifty hider.

Forged deceptions ooze and leak.
Nowhere to flee, no voice to speak.

Chained to mirror of one's creation.
Look away, recant salvation.

Adroit the ego's seductive song,
Stacked like drones in right and wrong.

Desire's obsequious enchanting death,robs you now of frenzied breath.

Entombed in falsity of my design.
One choice brings sleep. . . or love divine.

Anonymous said...

Watch out Bandido !!!

I´m not a curious Randall ...


Pendragon said...

Hi Sergio;-),
Care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

That was a joke, pendragon.

Gilbert Schultz says "Bandido" in his english accent... i laugh with that.

I haved some "fight" with Randall in one time... so i advertise him "i´m not a curious", like, i´m gonna sit until the spiritual self image is dismantled.