Sunday, May 18, 2008

What exists before Mind?

As we look "out there", we see many things.

We notice the computer screen, the words, the desk, the wall, the sky.

We see this body, we notice thoughts.

We wonder about time and space, birth and death.

We seek answers, we search for Truth.

Every single bit of this is an illusion.

There is no "out there", no "things".

There is no "computer, words, desk, wall, sky"...

No body, no thoughts...

There is no time or space, nothing to be born and nothing to die.

No answers and no Truth...

Every one of these is a distinction made in Mind, a conceptualization of "things" which have no independent or separate existence, an appearance not apart from the very knowing of the appearance. The "thing" known and the knowing appear together, are not separate.

Every single bit of it appears only in Mind.

And even "Mind" is only a distinction, a concept, an idea, an assumption, a belief.

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