Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Randall Friend Interview

If you're so inclined, visit the The Urban Guru Cafe to listen to the most recent addition - an interview with Randall Friend. This is part one of a meeting held with the show's producer, Areti.

But there is nothing being offered, nothing to reach, nothing to attain, no "final answer" as a result of the search. No amount of books or blogs or podcasts can ever reveal what is already fully present.

If we look behind the curtain to see who is witnessing all this, we find no one, no curtain, and no witness.


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nizogar said...

We are left with just "this":pain in the stomach,the noise of the computer,idea of a future,the idea of me,imagination of nothing..."this " is the end of all seeking and all spirituality...much ado about nothing!! :-)