Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Reality of Nothingness

Belief has no power except within the very system of words which it's created from. Words fall short of describing the actuality of reality - having no independent nature except in reference to other words.

Consciousness is formed from the very life essence which the world is made of. This consciousness is an obvious but overlooked aspect of the human experience. But the identification with the form overrules - ownership of consciousness is given by mistake or illusion.

The human form has no more aliveness or purpose than a tree or a rock - all formed from nothing, returning to nothing.

The consciousness which is attributed to the soul or spirit itself IS the ocean of awareness which sees the coming and going of the IDEA of soul or spirit.

Even consciousness is only a word, only a concept. In the end even this falls away in the reality of nothingness.

Let's not deny the appearance of the form, the life story, the human experience. However we are no longer fooled as we turn around and face our true Self, the nothingness out of which we look.


Anonymous said...

The expression in this note is clear and obvious. What a marvel to read words that don't even leave the nothingness - that don't create a mind realm for any belief - such is the nature of KNOWING - not 'someone' Knowing - Just KNOWING.
No traces of any footsteps left to observe and yet they do appear.
Such a miracle is LIFE.

Warm regards - Gilbert. said...

What a beautiful thing to read this blog and then read Gilbert's comment. Both are so well written and clear. Something goes, ah..... peace, in reading these words.