Tuesday, January 1, 2008

No Existence Outside of This - by Nathan Spoon

Read more from Nathan at You Are The You That You Already Are

"You are the you that you already are. Regardless of how the pretending character of "I am" is seemingly entangling with what is arising, and all the while feeling and thinking that something is missing, something is incomplete--you can not and will not ever "get to" yourself. You can not and will not ever "find" yourself. There is nothing to find outside of your own being-awareness and there is no separate someone within that being-awareness.

It is almost difficult to imagine how any person could even make such an assumption, when right here and now, all that there is--is this.

There is no "who" or "what" or "where" to this. This never happens as someTHING.

"What is this?" Who wants to know? Not this. This has no need of knowing. This is knowing-ness itself.

All arises within this. There is no existence outside of this.

And this is brahman.

And this is YOU."

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