Monday, December 3, 2007

All experiences of seeking arise IN this very presence of knowing that you are.

What is presently happening? Sounds, sensations, perceptions, some thoughts.

There is the body-mind - without using labels or memories, what is it? Isn't it more sensations and perceptions? Aren't these just more labels? Discard it all - what's left?

Just look - without thought, without labels...

In that pause, were you aware? Yes. In that pause, did you KNOW these objects (sounds, sensations, perceptions)? These objects continued to arise.... Seeing/knowing is still happening.

This KNOWING is not an object. It is no-thing. But it IS - agree? Do you feel/sense it?

Does this knowing have any shape? Does it make any sound? Does it have a smell or a taste? No - because if it DID, it would be just another OBJECT. But it is the KNOWER of all objects.

So how do you know it, if it's not an object? You KNOW it because you ARE IT. You don't have to SEE it as an object. Anything you SEE is NOT WHAT YOU ARE - not even that body-mind.

This presence is always 100% present - you cannot get away from it or out of it. It never changes but all changes happen IN IT. It is the same presence that was seeing/knowing as a child.

All paths only serve to fatigue and frustrate the mind - directed paths like Advaita Vedanta can help negate all these objects but the direct seeing/knowing was never lost and doesn't need to be found. All experiences of seeking arise IN this very presence of knowing that you are, that is already 100% present even before the seeking began.

And the concept of being a person with a life story is another arising in this presence. Rest in the presence and discard the person and story.

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Path to No Self said...

Hi Randall,

Nicely said. My friend Henrik from Sweden says he likes your work. Keep it up brotha!

Peace, Sal