Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Clear and Simple - Roy Townsend

Roy Townsend has his site back and and it's gotten an updating - here's an excerpt below... read more at Beyond Seeking

In the whole universe and beyond there is either subject or object.... We know what an object is, and of course you are subject, and subject is a no-thing.

If 'subject' were a thing, it would be an object, and therefore not subject. As the book Shantaram says "if you want to know the truth, close your eyes", meaning notice that you are the silence before thought arises - recognize your true nature as that - that silent awareness. You are already that, and only that.

When you close your eyes, you know that you are; you can't deny your being. Everything else is illusion - EVERYTHING.

All has disappeared.

As Ramana says "all there is, is consciousness".

The belief in a 'me' is formed from an early age and gradually identified with. Once the belief is formed, it becomes encapsulated and self sustaining. The mind feeds on the belief. Life is then viewed from or referred to this imaginary 'me', hence the term 'man and his environment' or man and his consciousness.

The concept of separation causes man to see him/herself as a third party - separate from the environment and acting in the environment. The search for truth is distorted by viewing through a false belief, an imaginary separate self - the 'me'. Seemingly there is a me searching, asking questions... Answers are found, but that only brings up more questions; and no peace!

The seeker has already gone too far. It's too much to say stop seeking because then it's two steps too far - first seeking and then to stop seeking. Instead, when we identify ourselves as a seeker, stop! Simply be the I AM, not I am a seeker, but the I AM.

Dwell in that, dwell as that I AM, as that I am'ness - that is who you are. The 'me' is a conditioned belief, that takes many years to develop but its assumed power ends in a single moment of seeing.

What you are, right now, and always have been, is presence/awareness. Without awareness nothing could be known. You don't have to wait a moment longer to know this - for some mystical event, in the future. You know that you are. It is one thing you can't deny. You already know it - it's obvious.

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Chandira said...

I had that moment of seeing that I am all this, last April, and it's like looking for your glasses, while you're wearing them all along... Obvious. The most obvious thing there is. Me.

Great post.