Thursday, October 11, 2007

Words from Stephen Wingate

From Stephen Wingate
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One Light

The mind is the thinking process. It's the nature of mind to label, define, describe, categorize, and separate. Anything you see as separate is a projection of your mind. The appearance of separation arises with the appearance of thought. There is no actual separation. Separation is apparitional. The thought "my life" does not create a life fragmented from universal life. The thought "my consciousness" does not create a consciousness fragmented from universal consciousness. The thought "my body" does not create a body fragmented from the universal body. The universe is one. Thought does not fragment the universe, it merely creates the appearance of fragmentation.

When white light shines through a prism, the component colors of the spectrum appear. The component colors of the spectrum are not separate from white light. They appear separate due to the nature of the prism. But the light is one.

When universal consciousness shines through the mind, the spectrum of the world appears. The world is not separate from universal consciousness. They appear separate due to the nature of the mind. But universal consciousness, your mind and your world are one.

You are universal consciousness shining through your mind creating the appearance of your world. It's all one, and it's all you.

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