Thursday, October 25, 2007

Resolving the Story by Chad Barber

Here is an excellent entry from Chad Barber - read more at Living Reality

Resolving the Story

If you are waiting for the contents of the story to resolve in such a way that you will have ever lasting peace, you are going to be deeply disappointed. The thought stories are ever changing; sometimes there is happiness, sometimes sadness or joy and then fear. The story is on autopilot; no-one is driving your life. Its a part of the unfolding spectacle of what is. If you are looking for the story to get fixed in such a way that you will have permanent anything, you are setting out on a hopeless journey. The story has no ending. Its just happening, like the seasons or rotation of the planets.

Peace, however, is in this primary experience of being right here - these sounds, these feelings, and this body right here. Find out for yourself what is more real - imagination or what is happening right now? Relax into the actual, this primary Realness you feel right now. This sense of being – this primary Realness, or presence is more real than stories. It has a sense of quiet and peace to it – explore that feeling and you will notice it is the ever present background of all experiencing.

Entering the dream door of thought stories is secondary experiencing; a simulation. Even that is happening in primary Realness, or Reality. But we can talk about it as secondary experiencing for the sake of analogy, to point to that illusory sense of separation from Reality.

Relax into this effortless primary awareness of actuality; this room, this seeing right here. Let the stories arise unobstructed, while you rest in what is Real. There is no way of controlling or changing anything in the story. This does not mean you can’t have peace, what you are in reality is outside any story, peacefully watching. The peace we are talking about is so basic it does not need the story to be certain way, for it to be. It is, everything else comes and goes. It is this living Reality right here – you are looking at it now, feeling it now, seeing it now.

This is Reality. Rest in the Real let the imaginary play of its own as you watch, indestructible, from the diamond seat. Once you realise it is simply this obviously available actuality you are always occupying, confidence and ease effortlessly arises.

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