Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Miracle of NOW

The mind has all sorts of wants, needs, desires, fears... it's never satisfied with what's presently going on and always overlooks NOW in preference for some future desire to be satisfied or worries about some future situation which may be different than what's preferred. This desire and fear is the dictate of the mind.

So when this is believed in, it seems we are pulled in many directions, always wanting and fearing at the same time. We want to keep what we have and fear it may be lost. We want this present "story" to improve so we seek enlightenment or liberation. We hope it will make our life better.

But if we could control it, we might, through various means and methods, stop desiring and fearing. But we don't have control of the mind. Who knows what will pop up next? Even if asked a direct question, we don't choose what pops in the mind as a thought.

So we just observe the mind. We see the patterns. We see through the illusions it creates. We see how desire and fear are believed and then we run all over trying to satisfy.

Once this is seen, we no longer are attached to the mind. It can run rampant but THAT WHICH KNOWS the mind knows it's just thought.

Each desire has the seed of its opposite - if I get it, then I could lose it. What you are, this immediate and undeniable presence, is the only reality. You didn't get it through desire and you can never lose it.

You can call this a connection to God, however that creates duality where there is none. There is nothing BUT God, but this can only be known in the immediacy of this present moment.

So the seeking is a projection into some future where "I" may get answers to all my questions and "I" will know the truth. This is just more desire and fear.

When this seeking stops one way or another, the only thing that apparently happens is just a BOOM - a recognition that NOW is the only place we can ever be. NOW is the only place where we can ever find what we're looking for. And we don't even have to look, for looking is to assume that it's not here now.

The miracle of this present moment is the only truth and reality there ever is. Just rest in it and realize that the mind will say otherwise. And whether it's believed or not is still just this miracle of NOW.

The concept of YOU is only another arising thought in this miracle.

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doktor333 said...

is this information more concepts for an ego to hold onto? where does the mind or ego go when we go to sleep?back to its true nature silence peace , emptiness. there is no one .this moment is the waking dream. u can be in the world but not of the world. remember none of this is real not even these words this world is a play for the self , stay in your nature as much as possible come to know your true self. be quiet rest in awareness.peace marc josef