Thursday, September 6, 2007


Thoughts arise or appear - but what is knowing thoughts? Are thoughts knowing themselves? Is the body knowing thoughts? What is knowing the body?

Maybe thoughts know the body and the body knows thoughts?

What happens if thoughts stop? You may say that thoughts never stop but is it possible to pause thoughts for a moment? What remains? In that brief moment when thoughts were absent, what remained?

Do thoughts have any power? Can thoughts hear, see, smell, taste, or touch? Can you say what your next thought will be?

Is there anything known that is not a thought? Without thought, how can you define anything?

In the pause of thought, pure naked awareness IS - it is silent, still, but KNOWING. Any appearance of an object, a thought, a body, a chair, is immediately known in awareness and AFTER is conceptualized, labeled, defined, SEPARATED in thought.

That clear naked awareness is fully present now, prior to thought. But thought doesn't need to be stopped - that pure awareness is cognizing or knowing thought as it arises.

What you are is that pure silent space of awareness, NOT the body which is an object appearing, NOT thoughts which are objects or appearances in awareness. You are JUST PRESENCE, JUST AWARENESS. You are the very knowingness, not the thing, the very NO THING in which THINGS arise or appear.

You are like the vast sky in which the clouds move through, contained within but never touching the sky. Birds fly, airplanes pass, clouds float, even thunderstorms arise, but the sky itself is never touched.

What are you? Even "I AM" is only a thought.


Rebecca said...

I really enjoy reading your postings. I have read everyone on your links and still enjoy reading sites such as yours. It is "fun", tired of being so serious about it all!!


Randall Friend said...


Thanks for the comment.

Yes - when the "life story" is seen as an illusion, when it is clearly seen that we are inherently free, we can enjoy the appearances and let "fun" and "seriousness" arise as they may.