Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inherent Peace

God is not some separate superhuman being, residing in the sky, waiting and judging...

God is the creator of the Universe - but He didn't stand apart, wave His hands, and then POOF, the Universe! He doesn't sit and watch his creation from above.

God IS the Universe - every single blade of grass IS God, every inch of space, every star, every planet, every drop of water in the oceans, every human or animal or plant or mineral or sound IS God.

Even that form called the body is God, full of its thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, confusion... all perfect as it is because it is none other than God.

And this form can be verified - it does exist, at least relatively, upon investigation. It's there. It can be felt, touched, seen, smelled... And thoughts do arise - they are known.

The only "thing" that cannot be verified is the "person", as some separately existing entity within the body or mind. This cannot be found to exist. However the thought or sensation of "I AM" still arises. And this I AM is also none other than God.

It is the belief that there is some separate ME in that body that causes suffering. But even the belief in the ME and the suffering is also God.

All is God. And in this Oneness, where is there a ME? We feel we are separate and alone, moving about and struggling in this world. But we are God!

The point is - there is no one there to do any of it. There is no person there to choose, to author any of the actions or thoughts. The body moves about and does things all at the urging of God.

The sense of authorship is due to the mistaken identification with this sense of being a separate person. In reality, there is no one there to author or do or create or make a decision or choose. All that can be said is - THIS happens and what I am is only the passive knower or watcher of it, not the author.

So Peace is the inherent knowing that what is happening is done to no one, by no one. All is God. Anything that happens is happening exactly and perfectly as it is.


Anonymous said...

"The body moves about and does things all at the urging of God."

"THIS happens and what I am is only the passive knower or watcher of it, not the author."

So 'God' does it all and you watch. Seems to be a separation between 'you' and 'god'? He's the author and you're not.

Randall Friend said...

Yes - it seems to be a separation, except that what I am, what YOU ARE, is none other than God.

The sense of being a doer or author of what happens is due to the identification with the body.

The initial insight is that I am not the body or thoughts - so I must only be the seer of these things.

Eventually it is clear that what I am is all of it, including God and beyond.

If you don't like the word "God", substitute your own concept. They are all false anyway.