Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ring IS Gold - ME IS Life

Did you begin?  Are you a new and independent existence?
Can existence really begin anew?  Is existence something that comes in individual servings?
These are questions that we must look into.  So often we overlook this and seek to make our experiences different or better or more spiritual.  This is missing the point, over and over and over...
Ring is Gold.  No matter what ring is doing, it is only Gold doing it.  Why?  Because ring is a name or concept for Gold itself.  We've given an expression of Gold a name- then we give that expression independence - really we give it independence of existence.  We think that ring is a NEW existence apart from Gold. 
But isn't Ring really just Gold?  Isn't Ring really Gold-in-expression?  If Ring has a bad day, didn't Gold really have a bad day?  Can Ring do anything?  Or isn't it Gold itself which has a good or bad day? 
Can Ring realize that it is Gold?  No.  Gold realizes it was never just Ring.  THAT which exists, realizes it was never something which never existed.  Ring can't realize anything.  If that ring is melted down, Gold remains.  Gold can't end - but Ring can. 
In the exact same way, YOU cannot end.  That "ME" ends but WHAT the ME really IS cannot end.  Spirituality is really diving into this idea of existence and finding out what that really means.  If we truly do this, we will always come to the same conclusion or REALIZATION - I AM. 
Ring cannot say I AM.  Only Gold can say that. 
Right now - is it Ring reading this, or is it Gold?  Isn't it Gold, taking itself to be Ring?  Isn't Realization really Gold seeing through that identity with Ring - finally remembering that Ring always is only Gold. 
If you walk outside and look up at the sky, the clouds, the trees, hear the birds singing...  is it ME that is there?  Or is it Life that is really there?  Present and aware?  Isn't it Life that exists - experiencing itself through that experience we call "ME"?