Friday, November 26, 2010

Not-Two, Never Was

Let's not look to some future day when all the stars properly align and some mystical state is arrived at.  Let's look at this very moment, this very instant, apparently a ME living in a world.

Let's take a look at what we believe to be the case, what we take reality to be, what our concepts about this moment are.

We believe there is a ME in a body, looking out at and experiencing a world, outside of me, apart from me, other than me.

To have this idea is to automatically and irrevocably separate reality.  Can you notice that?  To have this as your template of reality is to automatically assert the separateness of reality.  AS a ME, AS some "thing", AS a part, you are opposed BY the world, automatically separate from it. 

So what method or amount of seeking can heal that split?  AS this separate part, can you ever heal that split?  Can you notice that it is this particular idea of ME vs. world which IS the separation itself?  Can you realize that in order for reality to be whole, that individual must be false?  The individual cannot find wholeness, cannot realize "oneness", for it is the individual itself which is the assertion of separation.

So we must look at WHY we take reality to be separate, WHY we take this present experience to be composed of a ME vs. a world, WHY we take this present experience to be a ME seeing a world.

We must not be stuck on waiting for some realization to come FOR that me, but immediately look upon that ME with suspicion, immediately, within this very instant, to look upon that individual entity as potentially false.

In doing so, we will naturally see the mechanism at work, the mental assertions in which this individual is created as opposed to a world.  In not waiting for our conceptual understanding to flower into some spiritual, mystical state, we will be forced to look upon this very instant and notice the construction of reality as made up of separate things. 

This ME is built in thought.  This ME is a construction, a mechanism, taking objective experiences and applying the obvious subjective presence to them. 

You can say "I AM" with conviction.  That isn't something which is constructed.  That is something innately true.  You are pointing to or referencing something unmistakable and intimately known.  But that to which the words I AM point is applied TO an objective experience - a body, thoughts, a name, a job, a title, a role. 

Notice that identification is simply applying that obvious subjective presence - I AM - to something objective, something found in experience. 

Therefore "ME" is always an experience - ME is always something you know.  ME is always something arising in one form or another - you can be aware of that ME as it arises.  You can watch that ME take shape.  You are always able to notice the ME.

And if you can notice the ME as it takes shape, can it ever be what you are?  Isn't it merely a constructed identity? Isn't reality as ME vs. World a constructed or imagined reality?  Isn't this very moment falsely asserted as a ME vs. World?  Isn't that entire paradigm a construction?

If that is clear, then right here and now, reality is whole.  ME vs. World is a story told about reality.  This present experience is an experience of wholeness, so to speak.  The idea of an objective experience breaks down along with the parallel idea of a subject.  There is no one separate from a world - there is only what IS - only present, whole reality.  There is simply wholeness, fullness, taking shape as what we call experience, requiring an experiencer.  That ME vs. World is then not a problem, not a believed-in reality but merely an innocent and natural expression.

Experience is then a concept requiring the equal assertion of a ME who experiences - there is nothing wrong with it.  Like a mirage it has lost it's weight or reality yet is a useful concept. 

If we demand that this ME disappear forever then we have missed the point.  If we demand some confirming spiritual state to arrive then we will continue to miss the message.  If we demand the mind to provide something other than a conceptual understanding then we will constantly overlook the obvious wholeness that is already the case.

Advaita means not-two - reality isn't made up of an infinite number of things that will someday be brought together into One.  Advaita is already the case, reality is already "not-two".  There is no making it so - there is the realization that it never WAS two.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What More Is Needed?

Are you not already free?  Assert those aspects of bondage as true or see through them. 

Is there an individual who is presently limited?  Is it you?  Or is that individual something which takes shape in idea and belief?  Does that individual exist as an entity apart from the world?

Take close note - is the Self something personal?  Is that which you know innately, intimately as your Self truly limited?  Have you not been present and unchanged throughout a lifetime of change? 

As the world appears are you not the knowledge itself, the pure knowing or awareness of that world?  Isn't that individual a part of the world, in both shape and idea?

Can you realize a Self which needs no realization?  A Self which is not hidden nor obscured...  a Self which is the very ground of all experience?

Can experience be conditioned?  That experience arises as the same substance or essence as the experiencing of it - the knowing and the known are never apart, never separate, never bounded by anything.  Absolute Reality is not waiting to be discovered for it is already going on, already the case.

Bickering over dualities one is bound by a perspective.  As the reality itself you are never bound.

Life is the power and presence itself - taking shape as the world yet ever knowing itself without condition.  The mind is the line drawn to describe Life - to communicate and make sense - yet that describing never divides - the borders drawn within the whole never divide the whole but express the infinite potential of the whole.

Without the first meditation, without the first realization you are already free, already whole, already complete.  Taking a world as your home you search for wholeness - yet that very idea is the bondage itself - to assert bondage then look for a way out is the problem.  The solution is not to break that bondage but to see it never WAS.

There is no mind to quiet, no body to rest, no soul to preserve.  The whole is already the case - enlightenment only applies to someone seeking it - that assertion of someone to whom enlightenment may come is the assertion which obscures it. 

When the individual seeker is false enlightenment also falls away as false.  All that remains is all there ever was anyway.

Your presence as the whole.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stop expecting.

What are you waiting for?  What will arrive as confirmation of your proper understanding?  Some experience?  Some blue light?  Some blissful state?  If that state arrives permanently, how long before it becomes normal and then you're off searching for something deeper?

It isn't about the arrival of some state, making the universe whole, becoming something that you presently are not.  It is about seeing that our current idea of reality as split, is false.  It is about seeing that there is nothing missing, nothing lacking - that there is nothing to get OUT OF - nothing to change.  Nothing is needed.

As long as we have the idea that something is needed, whatever that is, then the search will be self-propagating, self-fulfilling, endless and futile.  It is the search itself which is the problem - the search IS the idea that something else is needed, something better.

But we can't just disregard the search, trash it and go on.  The search is uninvited - it is an irresistable pull - an urge - a compulsion.  So we must make sure we are looking at it the right way, we must ensure we are not running off in fantasy-land, imagination about what enlightenment might mean, about what it might bring, what it might change.

Reality is presently whole - not divided.  This is about the most obvious statement that can be made, it's almost silly to have to say it.  Yet our entire life is dictated by the idea that it is divided, that we are something apart from it, that it needs to be healed, brought together.

Reality isn't anything but what IS, right here and now.  It is not anywhere else.  It is not spread out in space and time - it is only what IS.  Isn't that the definition of reality?  So where is it split up?  By what mechanism is reality divided?

Are there multiple essences?  What IS reality?  If we stick with the appearances, then we can say there are an infinite number of separate things.  But what IS that apple, that rock, that body, that cloud?  What is the essence of any "Thing"?  Wouldn't the essence be this intelligent emptiness or space or fabric, this "substance" or raw Being-ness?  Is the essence apart from the appearances?  Isn't the essence the cause of that appearance?  IS the appearance it's own cause?  IS the appearance standing alone?

Is there any appearance anywhere which stands alone apart from what IS, from pure Being, from existence itself?  Is existence divided?  ARE you a separate existence?

These are questions we must ask - these are questions about present reality, about what you are NOW, not what you can become through spirituality.  There is no becoming - there is the realization that reality IS whole and you cannot be other than THAT.

Therefore there is no condition on present reality.  There is no wanting experience to be different.  There is no wanting the world to be different.  There is recognition that what IS is already whole, already perfect, already complete with nothing lacking.  So the search falls away because it isn't needed.  Nothing is needed to bring in wholeness.

Nothing is needed to complete the search.  No new experience is needed - and whatever present experience IS, is perfect.  THAT is the peace and joy we are looking for through spirituality.  But it isn't found by looking for it to come in anew.

It is realized to already be the case - when we stop expecting something.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


When we try to figure this out, we have to remember that we are trying to figure it out from within a set of ideas, within a paradigm or template of reality.  We have our idea about reality and we try to make sense within this idea.  And then we are frustrated when it doesn't make sense. 

One way or another, our ideas have to come to a complete stop.  Maybe it's through some gigantic effort, maybe we've beat our head against the wall enough times, maybe we've just had enough.  We come to a point where we're ready to get to the bottom of it, no matter what.  At that point, we are willing to sacrifice our ideas for the knowledge we're seeking.  Without this willingness, it's futile.

We come to a point where we truly can question what we think we know, what we've taken reality to be, what we've imagined ourselves to be.  We can truly doubt our most cherished beliefs.  If we cannot, spiritual seeking is truly useless.

We hear spiritual teachings or pointers, and we are frustrated because we don't understand.  We haven't received any confirmation of understanding.  We haven't had any confirming spiritual experiences.  We haven't lived up to our own expectations.  Something is still missing.

That idea is still the operative factor - the idea that I am an individual in a world.  We hear the interesting pointers and sit back and try to see what's being talked about.  But it's still a passing fancy, a game, a hobby.  We still, somewhere subtly, want to hang on to that idea.  As this is so, spirituality is always going to be futile.  You might as well take up needlepoint.

Only when we have an urge deep down, an urge which is like a tsunami, drowning our subtle need to hang on to that idea of ourselves. then there will be an opening, a willingness, a void. 

That urge only comes from truly wanting to get to the bottom of it, more deeply than we want to hang on to our cherished beliefs about ourselves.

You are not a person.  You have never been one.  That idea is false.  It's a story.  That story is the closed door.  Honestly question that idea, honestly look at that assumption for what it is.  IS there such a thing as a person, or is that just a convenient story?

IS there some separate entity abiding in the head?  Is that your present experience? 

If the idea comes - "I'm not there yet" or "I only have an intellectual understanding."  Ask honestly - Who exactly is being referred to?  WHO?  Either find that WHO or realize that WHO is false. 

Watch the creation of the "who" in thought.  Then there is no "who" to refer.