Monday, August 23, 2010


When we say "I AM" we are confirming our being, we are confirming that we are certain and intimate with exactly what is being pointed out in this or any other "nonduality" writing.

We are certain of it, yet it isn't an objective knowledge, not a thing in our experience.  The mind doesn't like to be on uncertain ground - it must resolve things in an objective way.  Therefore identifications come - I am the body, I am the mind, I am thinking...

So initially, we point allowing for this objective world, pointing out that in this objective world, what you are is not a thing to be found, not an objective experience.  What you are is the subject to the world, yet it is also subject to the body, subject to thoughts.  You are aware of these.

In other words, you are the subject, yet we can't seem to grasp that AS the subject, you cannot be located.  You cannot be found in terms of objects or experiences.  You are the subject.  What is the nature of the subject?

You can answer this with certainty already, for you are that.  To be the subject means to know, to be aware, to be that to which the objective appears, to be that by which the objective is known.  Isn't that what the word "subject" means?

So AS the subject you cannot appear to yourself, you cannot know yourself objectively, through experience.  Yet you know you ARE - because you can say "I AM" with certainty.

What does this mean?  It means that WHAT you are isn't locatable, it isn't a form or shape or object or experience.  It's just YOU.  You know that you ARE - this means you know you are present, somehow, without being findable as another experience.

You know that you ARE, because KNOWING is happening.  It is not true?  Knowing is happening - knowing is present - isn't this HOW you know you ARE?  Isn't this knowing the subjectivity which is referred with the words "I AM"?

So we can say the "subject" is ALWAYS Awareness.  What we "call" awareness.

This is in fact so self-evident it is overlooked.  It is overlooked because the mind needs some "thing" to place that beingness upon.  A body.  A mind.

Yet in actual reality or experience, we know ourselves as the subject of each experience - yet we miss that the subject itself is not findable as another experience - the subject has always been just this presence of knowing - presence-awareness - whatever words you like to use.

When we examine what it means to be the subject-awareness, we find the nature of this "awareness" to be without bounds, without form, without attributes, without limits.  We cannot find it, like space, yet it fills everything - it is the basis or ground of all experience.  We find our true nature is limitless, like space.

Yet even space you objectify - space is an object of awareness.  Space does not know you - you know space.  Similarly time does not objectify you, you objectify time - you know time.  We find nothing that can objectify this presence of knowing, yet it is the most real, the most undeniable aspect of any experience.  All experience is variable, changing, temporary, coming and going.  Your presence is stable, invariable, boundless.

Simply notice what is the most stable reality throughout a lifetime of experiences - the always-here-ness, always-aware-ness - you know you are always here, always the "subject" which is itself the knowing of the world, body and mind.  You are the limitless activity of knowing.

A man once asked the guru how he defines Truth.  The guru said "Truth is that which can never be negated".  The man asked "is there such a thing?"  The guru said "Yes.  It is your Self".

Your Self is that which can never be negated - in a lifetime of variable experiences, what you are has never been absent yet never definable in terms of limits or boundaries.

In other words, you are limitless.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You are That

What is the world?  What is the knower of the world?

Any "thing" is only apparently so from the perspective of senses - from the perspective of eyes and touch the rock is a solid thing - yet from a microscope we find the elements, maybe molecules which are atoms - atoms are empty space described by an orbiting electron - pulsing energy - energy behaving in certain patterns.  This commonality is the same for any "thing" essentially.  At this point all so-called "things" are particular patterns of energy or emptiness.  Emptiness behaving in particular ways.

We know this even at the level of the senses - water is ice, liquid and vapor - why is it so?  Isn't the essence water in all cases?  The form we see is different but the essence remains the same.  We aren't fooled by the form-ation because we know it's water appearing as ice, water appearing as liquid, water appearing as vapor or fog or mist.

But water is hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms - a combination of atoms creating a particular form-ation, a particular appearance.  We look upon water in its various forms and overlook the reality that it is both hydrogen and oxygen atoms.  Those atoms are a movement of energy - the behavior of emptiness itself.  Is it not so?  We don't walk around thinking this way but nevertheless it's true.  Our reality is shaped in terms of our taking the resulting form-ation as true and overlooking the essence.

In other words, we take a relative appearance AS absolute reality.  This is called maya.  A veil made up only of inattention, only of conceptual reality, of ignoring what IS in preference for what appears.

Yet we can also say that what appears IS what is, only the resulting form-ation is relied upon for the picture of reality.  Therefore the rock is a separate entity.  The ice cube is a separate "thing".  And this is mainly from the perspective of a knower.  To ME it is separate.  From MY perspective it is separate, yes?

So what is the reality or essence of the knower?  The body is part of the world - it is a form-ation - it is made up of the elements - carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.  The make-up of the body is the elements - elements are atoms - atoms are once again emptiness - intelligence-energy - behaving in a way as to appear, like the rock, as a separate form, a thing among things -but only from the perspective of the knower of the body.

Ultimately there is a knower of all forms - a knower that isn't appearing as part of the known.  That knower is also intelligence - you are intelligent - you are present.  So you are a fact yet you cannot find yourself among these form-ations.  However we can never divide or separate or assert a separate intelligence anywhere.  That emptiness, that intelligence-energy is no different from the intelligence-energy from which the world appears.

That intelligence is what IS - that intelligence is all.  We can say it is knowing only in reference to the known.  When it is only knowing itself, even knowing must fall away as the final duality and what IS remains indescribable yet the most real, unbound from the relative form-ations and dualistic equation of seer and seen.

What IS, when described in terms of the resultant form-ation, is only relatively true - the absolute (concept) is undefinable and ineffable yet is the most real.

You are that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


What does NOW feel like?

Since it's always NOW - what does that feel like?

It feels like breathing, butt in chair, various perceptions, the breeze from the A/C on the arm.

But those feelings change.  What does NOW feel like?  NOW is the persisting state required for any of these experiences - so what does NOW feel like?

Does it have a feeling itself?

We might say it's the combination of perceptions and sensations presently known.  So NOW is what IS, right now, in terms of experience.  

But NOW is more than that.  It's the fact or reality while the content changes.  NOW is an ineffable fact which even contains thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow.  NOW contains anything that is NOT-NOW.

NOW is the fact - the content changes constantly - NOW is invariable.  NOW is like an opening or container for the content.  NOW is an invariable stateless state which contains all states.  NOW is always the absolute context no matter the content.  NOW is not a thing yet all things are dependent on it for their existence.  Nothing exists outside of NOW.

What is this NOW?

None of the experiences, the sensations or perceptions, can be removed from NOW, can be outside of NOW, can be separate of NOW.  NOW and the content of NOW are inseparable.  Yet NOW is also not dependent on the content - as the content changes, NOW remains.  As thoughts come and go, chattering about yesterday or tomorrow, they come and go NOW.  

So what the Hell is this NOW?

It is YOU.  You are NOW.  You are the invariable fact which always IS while the passing content merely appears. You are the stateless state or context within which the content arises.  You are the opening or capacity which unconditionally allows all content to be as it is, even while the mind objects, resists, and presents conditions.

NOW is the peace being sought after, however it's never sought NOW.  We think it will come tomorrow or next year, once our spiritual search has been completed.  But that Peace isn't found anywhere outside of NOW.

It IS NOW.  It is YOU.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Are Not The Mind

Are you the mind, or are you aware of the mind?  Are you a thought, are you that chattering intellect, or are you that which knows that chatter?  

It is a simple question and can be resolved beyond doubt right now.  It only requires looking and honesty with yourself.

So thoughts are going on, and you know it.  You can describe a past thought.  So it seems that you are that which is aware of thought.  Can this be said with confidence?  With certainty?  Can you realize that once and for all, you are something beyond thought, something to which or in which thoughts appear?  

WHAT that something IS, is more thought.  Thought is the only way to attempt to give that something a definition, yet we find that something, which is presently aware of thought, can't be found objectively, isn't some thing in our experience.  It's the subject TO the object-thought.  Is it not so?  

So you can recognize right now, that what you are is that purely subjective presence which knows thought.  And in the same way it knows the sensations called "body" - foot, leg, torso, chest, arms, neck, face, eyes, ears, etc. All these are sensations or perceptions - appearances or experiences - to YOU - to that presence of knowing.  

So notice that you are here and open - knowing - subjective - while the world, body and thoughts are experiences. What you are isn't appearing as another experience.  Can you be an experience to yourself?  Can you be objective?

Very clearly, you are here yet not findable in terms of experience.  In fact you are that which makes experience possible - that opening or capacity in which or through which or to which experience comes and goes.  Is this not so?  Is it not obvious?  

So the seer isn't seen.  The knower isn't known, presently, through objective experience.  The subjective self is always unknown yet the most real aspect of any experience.  It is like the screen upon which the play-called-world dances.  

Start with the most simple discovery - you are not the mind.  Notice this beyond doubt.