Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Such Thing As Experience

There is no special state or experience waiting you on the other side of realization.  Realization is now - the fact pointed to in realization is your own self, without the concept of being something separate.

Striving for realization forever binds the search in place, forever cements spiritual seeking as an endeavor, an endeavor which has no happy ending.  It cannot, simply because realization is seen as something I will gain, something for me, something which will change things for the better.

The sooner these false ideas about what realization is, is gone, the better.  The fact is, you already intimately know what is being pointed out.  It isn't anything you have to learn or achieve.  You call it awareness but along with that concept comes many ideas, ideas which assert the "doing" of awareness, the ownership of awareness.  Awareness is then the function of that individual.

The individual IS the split itself - that idea automatically asserts division - it's opposite is the world.  There is no escaping that, if you are an individual how on Earth can you ever heal that division through any sort of spiritual seeking?  Should there be some magical vision which somehow heals that split?  Should some amazing experience come and then you recognize that the world doesn't really suck after all?

As long as our spiritual search is based on fantasy and imagination, you might as well find another hobby.  Reality is presently whole - there is one essence expressing as everything.  Appearance cannot be absolute reality.  If that much is not clearly seen, then flopping around trying to figure it out is always going to be futile.

There is nothing needed to heal, nothing needed to reach.  You are already whole, complete, perfect.  Nothing new needs to arrive, nothing needs to be manipulated.  It is this mindset of manipulating thoughts and situations or experiences which leads to so much frustration.

Is there such a thing as experience at all?  If you say yes, you have automatically created an experienc-ER to go along with it.  See if there is such a thing to begin with, before solidifying that idea and then trying to find the experienc-ER. 

There is none.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I am what you are

I have never gone anywhere, for all "wheres" include my Self - all "wheres" require my Self for their existence.  All "wheres" have been appearances in my invariable Self.

Time is a concept of measuring changes in appearance.  Time is only a concept - time does not actually exist.  The movement of time is only a mental mechanism.

I have never done anything, for all doing is a variation of appearance.  Appearance itself is not other than what I am.

I am not in need of anything, for what could be missing from the whole?

Nothing is wrong, for right and wrong, good and bad, are modulations of the whole, expressions of the whole, descriptions requiring relativity.  Relativity or duality is the way I know my Self.

There is never anything apart from what I am - all experiences are only experiences in translation.  When that translation is believed in, it requires a separate observer.  There is no separate observer.  There is only present IS-ness, translated as experiencing and experience for the sake of communication but not actually describing reality.

The "world" is not other than what I am.

I am what you are.

There is no need to find this as it's already the case.  There is nothing to correct, nothing to manipulate, no conditions necessary.  The Whole and the Individual are not-two.

 Seeking it, it is overlooked automatically.  You are present and that is the only knowledge that isn't a concept.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Effect

Are you the mind, or are you aware of the mind?

What is mind?  Mind is a word used to describe thoughts, images, memories.

Are you aware of those thoughts, images, memories?

We must say yes.  There is never a time when you are not aware of those.  There is never a time when you ARE those, yes?

So no matter what is going on with thought - you are simply aware of it.  If there is a reaction to a thought, that reaction is another thought, yes?  If there is a resistance to a thought, that resistance is another thought.

So really all that is happening, is thought, followed by more thought, that you are aware of.

That means, you are that which is aware of thought.  And no matter what the content or quality of thought is, you are aware of it.

Does it ever affect you?  What is the best or worst thought that could possibly happen?  What if that thought comes?  Does it affect you?  How?  The affect would either be an enjoyment or resistance to the thought.  That enjoyment or resistance would be another thought.  Still you are only aware of these.  So where is the effect to you?

So right now, we can say with certainty that what you are is that which remains aware of thought, without BEING thought, without being affected by thought.  Just notice this with certainty.  Just watch and see that this is always the case.  If there is some suffering, notice that it is always thought.  And see if what-you-are is actually affected by it, ever.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Experience Is Outside of Wholeness

What we are really seeking is the escape of limitation, escape from not being good enough, from something missing, from something not being right, from being inadequate.  We are seeking freedom.  Freedom from this sense of being limited.  But our core belief IS that we are limited by our very nature.  We believe that we were born or came INTO existence - a separate existence - and then that existence will end.

As long as we hold onto that belief, our searches are always futile.  Even spirituality is a search which is a fantasy.  Isn't it?  Isn't it a fantasy?  We hope and pray that we may discover somehow that our existence isn't limited, that it will not end.  As long as we take what we are to be limited, then how in the world can we ever FIND limitless?  Our very existence denies that possibility.  Our very existence is in the way.  Our very existence denies ever reaching limitless.

From that perspective, the search is futile.  The search is unresolvable.

There is no reaching limitless - so we can either completely give up, or settle on the only other alternative.  That alternative is that reality is already whole, that what-you-are is already limitless.  If that is so, then this present experience must already be IT.  If that is so, then right here and now, you are that.  And that is what the mystics through the ages have said - Tat Tvam Asi - You Are That.

If that is so, then right now there must only be a false interpretation of THIS, of what IS, of this moment.  It has nothing to do with any future experience - THIS is IT, only there is a conceptualization of THIS, a misinterpretation of THIS, a taking of whole reality as separate.  Is that not so?

In Vedanta it is called ignorance - ignorance of what you are.  You believe yourself to be limited, but you are not.  So the only solution is to remove that ignorance, to remove that belief.

Can we arrive at another belief?  Does one belief need to take the place of another?  No.  Only evaluate the present belief - not AS that individual, but AS the whole itself, AS the limitless reality itself.  Because AS the individual, it is futile.  It is always a self-reference, something for "ME" to get, to gain.  A "ME" is the definition of limited existence.  THAT is the belief that needs investigated.

How did this "ME" come about?  How is present reality being conceptualized into a "ME" vs. "WORLD"?

Evaluate both sides of that equation - what is a "ME"?  What is a "WORLD"?  Not what appears - appearance is not the essence - appearance is not what it IS.  Appearance is a manifestation of something.  Appearance is always changing - in fact what appears cannot BE what IS, AS appearance.  Yet it IS what IS - appearance IS reality, but taking appearance or form AS reality is to overlook the reality itself, to apply concepts, names and forms, to reality.  It is to be lost in conceptualization.

It is to be lost in a dream.

Therefore seeking doesn't progress.  It takes a step back.  It isn't an individual seeking.  It is somehow the whole itself, trying to figure out how it is fooling itself into the belief of separation - how it is taking itself as limited.

Otherwise all reference is a self-reference.  That self is the thorn which remains stuck throughout the search.  Whether we are walking or rocks or satin, that thorn remains, causing the pain.  We must remove the thorn, not ease the path.

We can use modern "Internet Advaita" pointers, or study scriptures from a thousand years ago.  It really doesn't matter.  The important point is to seek, not as that individual, but as the whole itself.

And what experience would the whole need, to validate itself?  Can there be a certain experience OF wholeness?  What specific experience is wholeness?  What does wholeness feel like?  Sound like?  Smell like?  Taste like?

The answer is always available.  No experience is outside of wholeness.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Identification is Imagination

What is necessary to reach your Self?  Are you not already present?  Have you ever not been present?

Has that presence ever changed?  No.  So what is needed other than see through the bullshit which is presently being asserted about yourself?

Are you the body or not?  Are you the mind/thoughts or not?  If this remains unclear then we're always trying to figure this out through the filter of identification, through the assertion that there is someone there, as an individual person, who is to gain from spirituality, who is to get something, who is to realize something.

We can read all sorts of flowery language about nonduality or spirituality.  We can hear of all sorts of amazing experiences and then covet those for that individual.  But it is always going to be banging your head against the wall, endless frustration and confusion - because the root of the false identity is still in tact.

You are absolutely certain that you are present and aware.  That is it.  WHAT that is, is subject to lots of imagination, lots of conceptual wrangling - that effort will always be futile.  There is no "WHAT" to it.  It is undefinable.  It is impossible to objectify in any so-called spiritual experience. 

Notice your own shining, invariable presence, right now.  Notice THAT it is - that it is invariable, always present.  Then notice the body is appearance to that.  Thoughts are appearance to that.  No matter the experience, it never affects that invariable presence - how could it?  Any affectation is another experience - you are aware of that experience - that's it. 

Your presence is the most intimate knowledge you have - that presence is conceptualized away - translated away AS the body, AS the mind, through identification with the objective.  You are never objective - no spirituality will ever make it so.

Rest in that natural invariable presence that you are.  Notice the construction in thought which ties that presence in with the objectivity - which asserts that presence upon the body.  Notice that this is false.

And in realizing that this is false - nothing changes.  You simply recognize that you were never the body, never the thoughts - you were simply always changeless, always unbound, unidentified, and free.

Right now you are there as the presence of awareness - how many ways does that need to be expressed before it's noticed?  And that "awareness" is never other than what appears.

You ARE - that's it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being is not Separate

This immediacy, this IS-ness, this presence which is neither subject nor object, is unmistakable, obvious and ever-present.  Can it be avoided?  Can it be missed? 

As the waves of appearance come and go, the content of situations and experiences, it is never other than or apart from the one essence, the totality, the whole-ness that you are. 

Right now your nature is pure - complete...  obvious...  it is the most obvious thing, the most intimate.  Initially notice that what you are has no substance or independent nature yet is self-shining - immediately and always available.

Yet in trying to find it, it is missed - because the looking FOR it takes place within the LOOKING - it overlooks the capacity IN WHICH the search takes places. 

Your presence is vast and boundless - what appears has no content apart from the Consciousness itself - that so-called Consciousness is your very nature, we may say it is a modulation of existence itself - the whole expressing.

What we call the Sun, the Moon, the Stars - these are appearances of, expressions of, arisings OF your own true Self.  Calling it "me in a world" is an unfortunate mistake of concept - it brings suffering because as that "me" you are in an inescapable situation.  You were born and must await the end of your existence.  So you go off in search for answers, for some spiritual breakthrough which might break this cycle. 

But there never was anything to break, never any end to your Self, never any beginning.  You ARE - reality IS.  It just depends what you take yourself to be.

What is the real difference between "I am a separate individual" and "I am the whole"?  How would it feel to be the whole?  How would experience be different?  Can the whole experience itself AS the whole?  Or is duality a necessary aspect OF the whole?

Instead of seeking the whole, see if there is anything you can find which truly indicates your existence as a separate being.